The Music gear Box

For all music loves who're wondering and have been asking about the top music instruments ...
Here's the gear I use...

Butterscotch Nash TK-54 w/ Humbucker in the Neck (Keith Richards style.)
Black Nash TC-63 w/ Humbucker in the Neck
Mary Kay White T-52

For Europe and the UK I use a Marshall 1974x 18watt Combo.
Yea, even for the big shows. 18watts is PLENTY!

This changes quite often, I'm a freak about pedals, but the mainstays are:
Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe 2
Fulltone '69 Pedal
T Rex Reptile 2
T Rex Comp Nova
Analog Man King of Tone
Analogman Mini Bi Comp

There you go. Have fun.

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