Piracy of Music in the Internet World

Music piracy becomes one of the disaster thing for the soul of the music. For stop and control the music piracy in the online world I request to all Online music sites ... please do not put music on the internet that you know you're not supposed to.

For once can someone have the respect of an artist or band to let them release their creation in it's entirety when they deem it ready? I understand people are excited, but if I was waiting for a movie to come out, why would you want to download a chapter of the whole? You'll miss the point and you'll miss the intent of the whole. When a single is officially released, it's like a trailer... it's thought over, and it represents a mood or a sum of the parts... it's a statement.

If you respect us at all and our music, please don't download or listen to anything that's not official. Especially not when you take an MP3 stream, hook up coaxial cable and run it through a board and broadcast it. It sounds like garbage, and I know Myself, Ian, and Ted certainly didn't agonize over the sound of the record to have it played through a tin can telephone. The internet is great for somethings... but it's taking the magic out of music. There's no surprise and no mystery of art when people take it upon themselves to do things. Internet is the good place to find all kinds of music information in one place.

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