The Revival Tour that matter

I'm about to leave for the year ending Revival tour on day after tomorrow night. I always get the jitters before we leave for a tour after a long time off. It used to not bother me when we toured ever waking second of the year, because it was normal. Now, I have a home and a dog and I see my friends and it's weird to have to pack up and leave all the time. I know now why most people can't make it in a band, it's not for lack of talent, it's because not a lot of people can tough out the touring that it takes to survive and keep your band in the public eye. It takes a desire beyond the norm to do this kind of thing all the time. You have to have an unending desire to share art. That's what this is about. It's easier when you have nothing, but it's also harder to have nothing.

Tomorrow I get to go see new movie in the theater, one night only. So awesome. Lord willing, I'll be writing songs on the Revival Tour and we should start getting together and rehearsing and making demos when I get back. I'm fixated on the Pearl Jam songs "Go, Animal, and The Fixer."
I certainly hope I can rope some of that vibe into our new songs. I'd like to have a record that had that kind of ferocity. I'm also currently obsessed with the Foo Fighters songs "One by One, the Pretender, and Times Like These." That would be six songs to a fantastic half of a record.

I know one thing, we're looking into how to carry on our sound, how to stay exciting, how to improve, how not to loose the intensity because we're older. I feel like we have more to prove now than when we first put out Sink or Swim. We've been given a gift, now we have to deserve it.

Stay Hungry, Stay Inspired. Here comes the future.

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